Regional formats constitute a specific category within ORF's range of programmes:  The daily broadcast "Bundesland heute-federal province today" is available on the television channel ORF 2 and is furnished with intrinsic contents for each one of the nine federal provinces.

As of 25th October, 2015, all regional "Bundesland heute" broadcasts can be received in HD because an additional Transponder has been put in operation.  For signal reception and re-distribution, ORS has at its disposal five transponders.

There is a similar setup for radio channel Ö2 which is divided into nine regional radios. Via the ORF DIGITAL SAT card, private channels ATV, PULS 4 and Austria 9 can be received alongside ORF programmes.  ORF programmes, in turn, are activated for customers of the pay TV provider Sky.

Furthermore, since 2004, the programme of ORF 2 has been broadcast in the additional, unencrypted version ORF 2 Europe (ORF 2 E) which can be received throughout Europe every day between about 6:00 hours to 00:20 hours, with the exception of those contents for which ORF does not own Europe-wide broadcasting rights.  Teletext is available around the clock via ORF 2 E.

Since autumn 2011, another two encrypted ORF channels have been available:
ORF Sport Plus and ORF III.