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Austrian Broadcasting Services GmbH & Co KG

Austrian Broadcasting Services

T. + 43 (0)1 870 40 12680

F.+ 43 (0)1 870 40 - 12773

  • Company registration umber: 256454p
  • Registration office: Commercial Court of Vienna
  • VAT no.: ATU 612 929 88
  • DVR no.: 4004142
  • Purpose of the company: Design, construction and operation of technical installations for the provision of broadcasting and teletext, as well as the provision of online products; provision of communication networks and services, to the extent they are required to make economic use of such technical installations.
  • Regulating authority: KommAustria, Austrian Communications Authority
  • Member of the: Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Broadcasting and Telecommunications section
  • Applicable legislation: PrTV-G, PrR-G, ORF-Gesetz, Telekommunikationsgesetz 2003,
    can be obtained from



General Partner:

Österreichische Rundfunksender GmbH

Würzburggasse 30 | A-1136 Wien

  • Company registration number: FN 252826d
  • Commercial court: Vienna




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