The ORS is accelerating the research and realization of 5G Broadcast, the digital terrestrial television of the 5G age. Since 2019, the company is actively involved in a global initiative – the 5G Media Action Group – to push forward the developments in Austria.

The 5G Media Action Group is based in Geneva and operates at an international level. The independent association consists of over 50 members from the global media and telecommunications industry, satellite and terrestrial network operators, end device manufacturers and representatives from the scientific community. The aim of 5G MAG is to coordinate and implement the interests of all stakeholders in 5G solutions for the production and distribution of audio-visual media content and services. ORS Managing Director Michael Wagenhofer is a founding member of the steering group. He coordinates the initiative in Austria.

Another also heavily involved organisation in establishing a 5G Broadcast ecosystem is the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), an alliance of 72 broadcasting organisations from 56 countries in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

CEO ORS (Austrian Broadcasting Service) Michael Wagenhofer
ORS Managing Director Michael Wagenhofer is a founding member of the 5G Media Action Group steering group for promoting 5G Broadcast internationally. Photo: ORS

5G Broadcast trials in Europe & worldwide

In addition to the 5G Broadcast trial in Vienna, working groups and trials have been set up around the world and in Europe in particular to test the new transmission standard. Tests for researching and studying the technology behind 5G Broadcast in rural regions have thus been started or completed at an international level, including in Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Norway and Columbia. A detailed list of the international 5G trials can be found here:

The essential framework conditions for 5G Broadcast

  • Industry
    Enhance mobile devices with a 5G Broadcast receive functionality.
  • Politics
    Ensure low-threshold access to Austrian media services. This also addresses mobile network operators which must enable a discrimination-free access to these services.
  • Broadcaster
    Long-term availability of the "sub 700 MHz" (470 – 694 MHz) frequency band is a prerequisite.

News about 5G Broadcast

ORS fuels positive development of 5G Broadcast

The continuing development of the 5G Broadcast Ecosystem is moving forward: to promote new use cases for 5G broadcasting, ORS has now released new features for its open source 5G broadcast receiver "OBECA".
5G Broadcast receiver

ORS publishes first release of open source 5G Broadcast receiver

The development of "OBECA", the world's smallest open source 5G Broadcast receiver, constitutes a significant research contribution by the ORS to the further development of the new transmission standard. The first software release of the open source recei
5G Broadcast receiver

ORS develops 5G Broadcast Receiver for TV, Radio and Streaming

5G Broadcast is the future of television. However, as there are not yet any end devices for the new transmission standard, the ORS has developed the world's smallest open source 5G Broadcast receiver as part of the "OBECA" project.
EBU Forecast with Michael Wagenhofer (ORS)

5G Broadcast: Initial findings from the ORS trial in Vienna

For several months, the ORS has been conducting a trial of the new 5G Broadcast transmission standard in Vienna. Michael Wagenhofer (CEO of ORS) presented the initial findings and conclusions at "EBU Forecast 2020".
live presentation of 5G Broadcast

ORS introduces new 5G Broadcast transmission standard

The ongoing test operation of 5G Broadcast was presented at the Austrian Media Days. ORS managing director Michael Wagenhofer discussed with a top-class panel the benefits of the new transmission standard.
Webconference at 5G World

CEO panel: Possibilities and visions of media distribution with 5G

Expert discussion at the 5G World 2020: a CEO panel consisting of Michael Wagenhofer (ORS), Karim Taga (Arthur D. Little), David Lynn (ViacomCBS) and Ronan Dunne (Verizon) discussed the possibilities of media distribution with 5G.
Start of mobile 5G broadcast measurements by ORS in Vienna

5G Broadcast Testbed Vienna: Mobile measurements have been started

In mid-July, the first mobile measurements of the 5G Broadcast trial have started in Vienna with a novel measurement vehicle developed by the ORS. The goal of the trial is to investigate possible transmission capacities under various everyday situations.

5G broadcast trial starts end of March 2020

Michael Wagenhofer (ORS CEO) gives an outlook in the EBU tech-i magazine on the 5G Broadcast trial operation in Vienna starting at the end of March 2020.

VIDEO & e-Booklet: The future of broadcasting in the age of 5G

5G is the future – this is the broad consensus. But what role does broadcasting play when a separate global uniform standard is available with 5G Broadcast?
Foto Sender Kahlenberg_2

5G Broadcast test gets regulatory go ahead

The Austrian Communications Authority KommAustria approved the ORS pilot project that is based on the mobile transmission standard 5G.