In order to establish 5G Broadcast in Austria, the ORS started a trial in Vienna at the beginning of 2020. The new transmission standard FeMBMS will be studied over the next few years in two phases using two high-tower-high-power transmitters located at Kahlenberg and Liesing, Vienna.

First trial phase compares DVB-T2 with 5G Broadcast

In the first phase until Q2 2021, the mobile transmission technology FeMBMS (Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) will be compared with the current transmission standard for terrestrial television, DVB-T2. In cooperation with the ORS, the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) expanded their link-level simulator for FeMBMS capabilities. Simulations with a multitude of parameters were performed to get data rates and reception quality for different coverage situations. The ORS is comparing the simulation results with the results from stationary and mobile field measurements.

Since summer 2020, ORS measuring vehicles have been out and about in Vienna to simulate different walking and driving speeds and to test the reception quality of the signal. Transmission of new media formats, such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and simultaneous processing of mobile communication, Wi-Fi and FeMBMS data on mobile devices is also being studied.

Young man with mobile measurement at the Karlskirche in Vienna
5G Broadcast trial: ORS mobile measurement at the Karlskirche in Vienna. Photo: ORS

Second test phase tests the interplay between broadcasting and mobile communications

For the second phase of the trial (starting in 2021), it is the plan to test future applications including hybrid services with interaction between broadcast network operators and mobile network operators as well as the distribution of disaster and crisis information together with collaboration partners.

The ORS extends an open invitation to interested parties who would like to take part in the second phase of the 5G Broadcast test: "To achieve the best possible results in the test phase we need collaboration and joint testing of the new digital television standard. The ORS is delighted to have keen participants and questions are welcome", says ORS Project Manager Dr. Johann Mika

Further information about the measurements performed can be found in the following blog post: Mobile measurements have begun for 5G Broadcast.

News about 5G Broadcast

Start of mobile 5G broadcast measurements by ORS in Vienna

5G Broadcast Testbed Vienna: Mobile measurements have been started

In mid-July, the first mobile measurements of the 5G Broadcast trial have started in Vienna with a novel measurement vehicle developed by the ORS. The goal of the trial is to investigate possible transmission capacities under various everyday situations.

5G broadcast trial starts end of March 2020

Michael Wagenhofer (ORS CEO) gives an outlook in the EBU tech-i magazine on the 5G Broadcast trial operation in Vienna starting at the end of March 2020.

VIDEO & e-Booklet: The future of broadcasting in the age of 5G

5G is the future – this is the broad consensus. But what role does broadcasting play when a separate global uniform standard is available with 5G Broadcast?
Foto Sender Kahlenberg_2

5G Broadcast test gets regulatory go ahead

The Austrian Communications Authority KommAustria approved the ORS pilot project that is based on the mobile transmission standard 5G.