ORS fuels positive development of 5G Broadcast

Friday, August 6, 2021, 12:00 O'clock

The continuing development of the 5G Broadcast Ecosystem is moving forward: to promote new use cases for 5G broadcasting, ORS has now released new features for its open source 5G broadcast receiver "OBECA". In addition, the ORS project team is supporting the international cross-industry organization "5G Media Action Group" in establishing an international developer platform.

5G Broadcast Receiver "OBECA"
Further development around 5G Broadcast brings new features and updates for the 5G Broadcast receiver "OBECA" Photo: ORS

New software for 5G broadcast receiver "OBECA"

5G Broadcast brings linear broadcast content directly to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. At the beginning of September 2020, ORS started the development of its own open source 5G broadcast receiver with the project name OBECA (Open Broadcast Edge Cache Appliance). In recent months, intensive work has been done on the further development, as a result of which new functions are now available on the "GitHub" platform.

Project Lead Dr. Johann Mika on the current status of the project: "Gateway, FLUTE library and web interface are now available on GitHub. With this technical update, we are taking the next important step in the development of a common 5G broadcast ecosystem."

International collaboration with ORS participation

The 5G Media Action Group aims to push the development of 5G technologies. For this reason, it recently launched a program to develop reference tools, thereby building an open source community and facilitating international collaboration.

ORS' OBECA team was also part of the kick-off workshop for a particularly pleasant reason: "Parts of our previous development of the 5G broadcast receiver will be used as a basis in the reference tools. This shows that we are on the right track and thus more and more test environments can be established internationally," concludes Dr. Johann Mika.

The video and the presentation of the workshop can be found at https://www.5g-mag.com/workshop-reference-tools and https://www.5g-mag.com/reference-tools.

More information: https://github.com/Austrian-Broadcasting-Services/obeca-info  

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