CEO panel: Possibilities and visions of media distribution with 5G

Friday, September 4, 2020, 12:00 Uhr

Expert discussion at the 5G World 2020: a CEO panel consisting of Michael Wagenhofer (ORS), Karim Taga (Arthur D. Little), David Lynn (ViacomCBS) and Ronan Dunne (Verizon) discussed the possibilities of media distribution with 5G. The panel also talked about the new 5G Broadcast transmission standard. You can watch the entire discussion here.

Video: CEO panel at 5G World 2020 consisting of Michael Wagenhofer (ORS), Karim Taga (Arthur D. Little), David Lynn (ViacomCBS) and Ronan Dunne (Verizon).

5G increasingly in the spotlight

During the fascinating 5G World 2020 online discussion, it quickly became apparent that the new 5G mobile phone standard is growing in importance around the world. In the USA alone, more than five million 5G-enabled devices have already been sold this year, and sales figures in Europe are also on the rise as part of an upward trend.

However, 5G does not only mean mobile high-speed internet with rapid data transmission. The new standard also offers countless new possibilities for companies and consumers in the media distribution and production sector.

Diverse possibilities with 5G Broadcast

5G, for example, brings about the technical conditions required to support the new 5G Broadcast transmission standard. 5G Broadcast means that linear broadcast content can be distributed directly to mobile end devices such as smartphones or tablets – without the need for SIM cards, WLAN or an internet connection.

Michael Wagenhofer, managing director of ORS, gave more detailed insights into 5G Broadcast during the panel discussion, and provided relevant information for companies as well as end customers. The discussions with Karim Taga (Arthur D. Little), David Lynn (ViacomCBS) and Ronan Dunne (Verizon) also looked at the increasing roll-out of 5G broadband and the new opportunities for businesses that this entails. 

You can find more information about 5G Broadcast here >>

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