Digital satellite
Smartcard management

Wholesalers can conclude an agreement with ORS, on behalf of ORF, as to order ORF DIGITAL SAT cards - supply of cards presupposes bundling with TÜV-certified terminal devices.

Cards are fabricated and made ready for collection in the form of a so-called welcome package (incl. GIS registration form, information material and TÜV-sticker). Smartcard retailers enclose cards to certified DVB-S reception devices exclusively (digital receiver, module and television set) and seal them with a TÜV sticker.

The portal offers numerous advantages for wholesalers online and is at your disposal for orders, forecasts and enclosure feedback of ORF smartcards as well as for submitting DVB-S reception devices for certification. Wholesalers can also follow the TÜV certification procedure via the portal and thereby, are put in a position to keep track of reception devices they have submitted for certification, step by step from submission to certification. Thus, the status of certification can be viewed any time.

Retailers and specialist dealers may also register for the sale of ORF DIGITAL SAT cards in bundle with certified CA modules at the ORS portal. Those retailers who have registered for the sale are provided with these bundles and can resell them to consumers together with certified TV sets. In addition, retailers are provided with POS material for sales promotion for download at the portal. 

The objective of this service portal is, on the one hand, to simplify procedures of smartcard management and, on the other hand, to create transparency throughout the process.