Digital satellite

Certification is carried out together with the independent examining body TÜV Austria.

ORS ensures consistently correct processing and dissemination of the DVB-S/S2 signal all the way to the consumer through certification of reception devices carried out together with the independent examining body TÜV Austria.

TV providers who use ORS' satellite platform enjoy the guarantee that their programmes can be received in an impeccable manner without any disruptions.

ORS defines specifications for the examination of set-top boxes and decryption modules for the reception of broadcast programmes and associated services. Furthermore, ORS sees to the technical and organisational handling of examination and certification of terminal devices in a DVB laboratory (test center for boxes) which was set up especially for this purpose. In addition, signal configurations are tested off air.

During the examination, particular attention is devoted to technical parameters such as encryption system, tuning behaviour, video and audio decryption, pertaining interfaces or demultiplexing and decoding of signal and service information.

Functioning of the remote control and smooth operation of teletext, subtitles, EPG and data services as well as power input are among the focal points of examination and certification of terminal devices.

Finally, devices under examination are subjected to a test as to long-term performance.

To date, ORS has certified around 100 HD devices of international box manufacturers for the Austrian market.

To date, some 70 different SD and HD set-top boxes from international box manufacturers have been certified for the Austrian market.