Digital satellite
HD and channel diversity

ORS was among the first providers of HD in Austria.

ORS broadcasted ORF 1 in HD via satellite already in June, 2008, and was among the first providers to transmit HD in Austria.

As of 2009, ORS transmits ServusTV HD and ORF 2 in HD via satellite.  A rising number of broadcasters display their TV programmes in HD which is transmitted by ORS via satellite: ATV HD, ORF III HD, ORF Sport+ HD, all ORF "Bundesland heute"-programmes in HD, Bible TV HD and, as of September, 2015, also Hope Channel TV in HD.

Optimal image processing

For optimal image processing of HD, ORS employs the most modern multiplex systems. Thereby, HD services can be transmitted in several languages and with Dolby multichannel sound as well as with all teletext data.

When transmitting ORF HD programmes via satellite, ORS employs several encryption systems simultaneously for programme protection.

For Austrian cable network operators, ORS edits HD programmes by cable multiplex, which ensures flawless processing.


With its infrastructure, ORS safeguards visual and audio quality during transmission of HD signals all the way to the reception device.

ORS has all technical measuring equipment for quality control of on-air signals at its disposal. In a measurement and certification laboratory, ORS can test new transmission setups off air.