TV solutions

At the beginning of 2006, ORS was granted approval to operate a terrestrial multiplex platform with two coverages (MUX A and MUX B).


On 26 October 2006, ORS started transmission of DVB-T in Austria. From this day on, it has been possible to receive the MUX A channels (ORF eins, ORF 2 and ATV) via a set-top or roof-top aerial.


Since 22 October 2007, additional DVB-T channels (MUX B: PULS 4, ORF SPORT PLUS and 3sat) have been transmitted in all regional capitals and their surrounding areas using MUX B. It has also been possible to receive the extra channel ServusTV since 15 September 2009.

The digital switchover to DVB-T digital terrestrial television was phased in; the nine regional capitals were switched over to the digital terrestrial signal first, then all the remaining areas followed in stages.

The whole of Austria has enjoyed digital DVB-T coverage since 7 June 2011.