More often than not, radio is meant to entertain - but not necessarily, as becomes evident in the example TMCplus (traffic message channel).

For this common project, Austria's radio station most listened to, Hitradio Ö3, the operating company of Austria's network of motorways and dual carriageways ASFINAG and ORS as technical service provider bundled their competences in order to get important information across to road users faster and more efficiently. As of July, 2009, TMCplus is operating on a regular basis. ORS is in charge of maintenance, operation and surveillance of the system.


TMCPLUS improved traffic service for navigation devices

TMCplus is not a new invention but rather the consistent improvement of TMC.

Via TMC, traffic information in digital form was broadcast to drivers over the radio channels via VHF signal already in the past.  Navigation devices receive such TMC messages and consider the information when calculating routes, for example. 

For the introduction of TMCplus, the whole system was redesigned:

  • Via TMCplus, all relevant information about risks or traffic holdups which lead to delay or diversions are transmitted to vehicles automatically and thus, actively support navigation systems with route guidance.
  • This led to marked acceleration of data transmission from the place of emergence on the road via the broadcasting studio of HITRADIO Ö3 and the ORS transmitter network to vehicles! Regional TMC messages are streamlined and broadcast only in those regions where they are relevant.  Obstructions on main traffic routes are broadcast nationwide. For this purpose, the ORS transmitter network is subdivided into the three partially overlapping regions West, Central and East. In areas where two regions overlap, traffic announcements of both regions are broadcast.
  • Thus, traffic information can be transmitted quickly and reliably, and up to five times faster than with ordinary TMC systems.



TMCPLUS quality label stands for smooth functioning

TMCplus is completely free of charge as opposed to chargeable services such as "TMC Pro", which is offered by private providers abroad. What is more, the new TMCplus is fully compatible with all conventional TMC-capable navigation devices!

In order to ensure smooth functioning, manufacturers take part in a testing procedure. Renowned manufacturers such as TomTom, Medion, Becker, Navigon, Garmin or Falk have adopted the TMCplus quality label for their models. For consumers, an exhaustive list of devices plus further useful information is available on TMCplus on the internet platform.