VIDEO & e-Booklet: The future of broadcasting in the age of 5G

Friday, January 3, 2020, 12:00 Uhr

5G is the future – this is the broad consensus. But what role does broadcasting play when a separate global uniform standard is available with 5G Broadcast?

Austrian Federal Minister Alexander Schallenberg referred to the discussion on 5G Broadcast at the Austrian Roadmap 2050 Future Talk as "A matter of great political importance". Will there be a fusion of broadcasting and mobile communications? What sources of friction might arise and what framework conditions need to be established?

More information and details can be found in the e-booklet "5G Broadcast – the future of broadcasting in the age of 5G" which is also available to download as a PDF below.


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5G Broadcast receiver

ORS develops 5G Broadcast Receiver for TV, Radio and Streaming

5G Broadcast is the future of television. However, as there are not yet any end devices for the new transmission standard, the ORS has developed the world's smallest open source 5G Broadcast receiver as part of the "OBECA" project.
EBU Forecast with Michael Wagenhofer (ORS)

5G Broadcast: Initial findings from the ORS trial in Vienna

For several months, the ORS has been conducting a trial of the new 5G Broadcast transmission standard in Vienna. Michael Wagenhofer (CEO of ORS) presented the initial findings and conclusions at "EBU Forecast 2020".
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ORS introduces new 5G Broadcast transmission standard

The ongoing test operation of 5G Broadcast was presented at the Austrian Media Days. ORS managing director Michael Wagenhofer discussed with a top-class panel the benefits of the new transmission standard.