5G Broadcast test gets regulatory go ahead

Thursday, November 28, 2019, 01:03 Uhr

The way for further development of digital broadcasting technologies has been paved. The Austrian Communications Authority KommAustria approved the ORS pilot project that is based on the mobile transmission standard 5G. The initial test will run until the end of June in Vienna.


The test operation will be carried out via the two Viennese transmitter systems at Kahlenberg and Liesing. For this purpose, the authority provided the ORS a channel in the 700-MHz-band, limited until June 30th, 2020. After that the test operation will continue in the 600-MHz-band.

The plan is to broadcast radio programs as a real broadcasting service, using the 5G technology.

The technology used in the test is based on the 5G-Broadcast-Mode, also known as „Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service“(feMBMS). KommAustria’s approval also opens the possibility for other program suppliers to participate with their own programs in the tests.

All the details and conditions involving the test operation can be read up in the authorities notice or the corresponding press release (available only in German).

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