ORS introduces new 5G Broadcast transmission standard

Thursday, September 24, 2020, 12:00 O'clock

The ongoing test operation of 5G Broadcast was presented at the Austrian Media Days (Österreichische Medientage). ORS managing director Michael Wagenhofer discussed with a top-class panel why digital radio and television, mobile networks and especially the public will benefit from the new transmission standard.

5G Broadcast further enhance digital broadcasting in Austria

The Austrian Media Days platform was used by ORS to introduce the direct transmission of linear television to mobile devices to the public during a live presentation. The new transmission standard enables linear broadcast content distribution directly to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets – without an internet connection being needed.

Moderated by Claudia Zettel (editor-in-chief, Futurezone), the panel discussed the advantages of 5G Broadcast and what form the necessary framework for ensuring long-term availability of the broadcast spectrum could take. Furthermore, the necessary legislative conditions for a "coupling" of existing networks with 5G Broadcast were also debated. Without these preconditions, the required investments in R&D and a necessary network expansion will not be possible.

Government to provide a framework

Alexander Wrabetz (Director General, ORF) appealed to the political authorities to establish the necessary preconditions to ensure consumers can continue to be reached directly through digital terrestrial television and radio. Corinna Drumm (Managing Director, VÖP) supported Wrabetz with the argument that radio and television reception must continue to be possible without an intermediary gatekeeper collecting tolls for the infrastructure. The VÖP is therefore promoting a political dialogue together with the ORF and ORS.

Interaction with mobile networks

"The advantage for mobile network operators is that 5G Broadcast reduces the load on mobile networks during large-scale live broadcasts and ensures a high level of reliability. Quality losses, as experienced with streaming, will therefore become a thing of the past! The media industry also stands to benefit, as 5G Broadcast has far-reaching potential for in-car entertainment in self-driving cars, for example," emphasised Michael Wagenhofer.

Michael Stix (Chief Commercial Officer, ProSiebenSat1Puls4) explained that a convergence of the media and telecommunications industries, which will be particularly important for personalised advertising, is inevitable. Visit www.ors.at/5gbroadcast for more information on the mobile television of the future.

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