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The new generation of digital terrestrial television: DVB-T2
On 15 April 2013, DVB-T2 has started in Austria under the name of simpliTV. simpliTV is a TV product by simpli services GmbH & Co KG. simpli services is a subsidiary of Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORS).

ORS comm is responsible for the technical distribution of DVB-T2 programmes via Austria's nationwide multiplexes D, E and F.


simpliTV provides a total of 40 channels, many of them also in HD, and is available in all Austrian regional capitals and their surroundings. For receiving simpliTV, an indoor, outdoor, or roof aerial and a certified DVB-T2 receiver are required.


Certification of DVB-T2 receivers
The TV programmes distributed via MUX D, E and F are broadcast as encrypted free TV. The programmes can be decoded either via a decoding system that is integrated into the certified receiver, or via a certified decoding module incorporating a CI+ interface combined with a CI+ compatible receiver.


In order to ensure the proper function of all technical features of the DVB-T2 terminal, ORS comm provides for certification based on technical minimum requirements. For enabling DVB-T2 programme decoding, only terminals certified by ORS comm are permitted.


For questions on the certification process respectively on the "network approval contract" (Netzzulassungsvertrag), please contact


For the specification concerning technical minimum requirements for certifications, please refer to: