The terrestrial TV platform operating under the simpliTV brand can be received in Austria since 15 April 2013. The ORS transmitters have been modernised and upgraded, so that the DVB-T2 signal, and accordingly numerous TV programmes broadcast in High Definition, can now be received by Austrian TV households.
A new satellite television option has also been available since 2 October 2017: simpliTV SAT. This option allows customers to receive – in addition to the free-to-air TV stations – various private TV stations broadcasting in HD.


simpliTV via DVB-T2

To be able to receive the programmes offered by simpliTV via antenna, you need an HD-compatible settop box, e.g. the simpliTV box, or a CI+ module, e.g. the simpliTV module, for TV sets with built-in T2 tuner.
For more detailed information about receiving simpliTV via antenna, please proceed to the Reception check.


simpliTV via satellite

In order to receive simpliTV SAT, an ORF DIGITAL DIREKT certified CI+ plug-in module for TV sets with built-in S2 tuner or an ORF DIGITAL DIREKT certified satellite receiver is required.


Both for the satellite product and for the antenna products, simpliTV offers a combined TV+LTE Internet package.

For detailed information about our products and offers, please see the simpliTV website.