Culture and Values

  • We create appreciation and respect by fostering open and honest dialogue and by the systematic exchange of information. We also try to put ourselves in the other person's shoes.
  • We appreciate straightforwardness: a word of criticism does not harm the person it is aimed at. If we pass criticism, we do it respectfully and do not make the person in question look silly in front of others.

Our everyday actions are evidence of this approach

  • Interpersonal conflicts are resolved as far as possible between the parties concerned.
    We take care to separate out the factual and the personal in a conflict.
  • We actively listen to both sides.
  • Criticism is given honestly and respectfully.
  • Criticism is seen as an opportunity: we talk to each other not about each other.
  • We learn from our mistakes – any problems that arise are addressed openly.
  • Relevant information is communicated proactively to colleagues and business partners.