Flimmit via SAT

Flimmit, the video on demand deli store, took off on the fifth ORS transponder via a separate satellite channel in October, 2014. It is an HbbTV channel. Thus, the TV consumer can receive Flimmit via satellite provided he has an internet- and HbbTV-compatible TV set or a corresponding SAT box (HbbTV- and Internet-compatible). Upon switching to the channel, the user is re-directed to a non-linear service by the Smart-TV set with HbbTV or the corresponding box and TV set and thereby, is taken directly to Flimmit's videotheque.  

HbbTV delivers a TV experience for internet services.  



: the HbbTV-compatible set must be connected to the internet and the HbbTV-function must be activated.

Flimmit was devised specifically for HbbTV and accordingly, features optimal presentation of the catalogue and the films as well as appropriate user experience.

No media interruption
With the HbbTV version and SAT, the consumer can access Flimmit directly via the television without media interruption or additional barriers - the user simply zaps through the list of channels until Flimmit pops up.

End-to-end solution
ORS covers the whole value generating chain structured around video on demand via SAT or other distribution paths and provides a consistent integrated solution (end-to-end solution). Starting from programming of applications, all the way through SAT signalling to content sourcing.