Digital Switch Over

Switchover of regional terrestrial television from DVB-T to DVB-T2/simpliTV permits receipt of HD-TV as well. By introducing High Definition (HD), ORF has underpinned its leading position in competition for TV viewers.  HD utilization of ORF's family of channels is scheduled to amount to over 90 percent by the year 2020.

The current digitalization strategy of the regulatory body KommAustria provides for nationwide switchover to the new TV standard DVB-T2/simpliTV throughout Austria. Due to the TV technology simpliTV, a more comprehensive range of channels in perfect visual quality (HD) can be received via the television antenna.  simpliTV is the state-of-the-art technology for terrestrial television transmission (digital terrestrial transmission via antenna).

All ORF Programmes in HD

More than 80 percent of TV households possess an HD-compatible TV set.  Therefore, ORF will deliver its popular programmes and contents to Austrian households using the most contemporary TV transmission technology which ensures perfect visual and audio quality.  ORF's objective is to raise HD utilization of its  family of channels to over 90 percent by the year 2020.

making stations fit for HD

In order to provide the majority of Austrian households with simpliTV, transmitters were modernized by ORS technicians prior to the start.

ORS teams in the regions are also adapting transmitters to make them fit for simpliTV.

The following transmitters were upgraded:

In Tyrol: Patscherkofel, Reutte-Hahnenkamm, Landeck-Krahberg, Gerloskögerl, Seegrube, Kitzbüheler Horn and Rauchkofel
In Vorarlberg: Bregenz 1-Pfänder, Bregenz 2-Lauterach and Feldkirch-Vorderälpele
In Carinthia: Klagenfurt1-Dobratsch, Viktring, Wolfsberg 1-Koralpe, Spittal/Drau 1-Goldeck and Lienz-Rauchkofel
In Styria: Schladming 1-Hauser Kaibling, Schladming 2-Ramsau, Bruck/Mur Mugel, Bad Gleichenberg Stradnerkogel, Graz Schöckl, Graz Griesplatz, Graz Fürstenstand.

comprehensive Information campaign

TV switchover from DVB-T to DVB-T2/simpliTV has been cimpleted in Carinthia, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Styria.   In order to inform all DVB-T households on switchover and the new TV platform, ORS is carrying out extensive communications and marketing measures.

Media , that is TV, radio, print and online, inform TV households on switchover, on ensuing advantages, on what to do and where consumers can get detailed information.  Alongside editorial reporting within eight weeks, classic advertisements are placed in order to raise attention. 

Retailers are important cooperation partners who provide consulting, information and carry out special offer activities in connection with TV switchover in selected stores.  Terminal devices required to receive simpliTV are on offer at a reduced price in specialist shops and in online shops in the region where switchover is in process.

TV experts answer consumers' questions on the new terrestrial television at TV information counters  in shopping centers and in busy places in individual municipalities.

ORF's respective regional studio organizes special TV days for consumers to obtain information on HD-TV via antenna and satellite.

The free-of-charge hotline team answers all enquiries and gives guidance on installation by telephone.

TV consumers are offered service on site if assistance provided by the hotline team was not sufficient.

DVB-T households in the region where switchover is being carried out see text captions in ORF programmes which draw attention to TV switchover.  Thus, it is always clear to whom switchover concerns. 

The landing page of simpliTV and the site provide current information on digital switchover.