Having digitalized terrestrial television, ORS has implemented the first technology leap and thus, paved the way for the new generation of terrestrial television DVB-T2.  Realizing the new TV standards, ORS follows the European trend to provide terrestrial television as an attractive television platform.  Thus, ORS also caters to the needs of Austria's TV audience.  The ORS subsidiary simpli services GmbH & Co KG markets this innovative offer.

New smart TV Platform

Under the brand simpliTV, the terrestrial TV platform can be received in Austria since 15th April, 2013. ORS' transmitters have been modernized and upgraded. Thus, the TV signal DVB-T2 can be received by some 90 percent of TV households. In conurbations and large cities, an indoor aerial is sufficient to watch simpliTV.

simpliTV was developed on the basis of intensive market research according to the requirements of the TV audience: simpliTV can be installed quickly, at a moderate price and without the usual contractual commitment.  simpliTV enables the TV consumer for the first time to receive TV programmes in High Definition (HD) via an antenna.

More Programme diversity in HD, as well

With simpliTV, TV consumers can watch the most popular German language TV channels – up to 40 TV channels, and ten of them in High Definition. Upon digital switchover in the federal provinces, ORF 1 HD, ORF 2 HD, ORF III HD, ORF Sport+ HD, Servus TV HD, ATV HD, 3sat HD, Puls 4 and ATV 2 can be received without additional cost.

The advantages of High Definition television (HD-TV) include a brilliant and pin sharp picture at the latest state of broadcasting technology. The television picture is generated in up to fivefold better resolution.  And Dolby Digital 5.1 makes television a crystal clear audio experience as well. 

Easy to install terminal devices in retail trade

Reception of simpliTV requires a simpliTV box or a simpliTV module and in most cases, an indoor aerial as well.  Both set-top box and CI+ module are certified by TÜV, and the proven pre-enablement (temporary activation) facilitates immediate use at home.

Installation of a simpliTV box or a simpliTV module takes just a few simple steps: the box must merely be connected to the TV set. The CI+ module is simply plugged into the slot of a DVB-T2 compatible television set.

For optimal reception of simpliTV, a suitable aerial, according to reception check www.simpliTV.at, must be mounted. Terminal devices are on sale in specialist stores or in online shops.

Certification of DVB-T2 receivers

In order to safeguard technical functionality of the DVB-T2 terminal device, ORS comm provides for certification on the basis of technical minimum specifications.  Activation for decryption of the DVB-T2 programmes is permitted exclusively for terminal devices certified by ORS comm.

Please address any queries on the certification procedure or on the required network access contract to sales@ors.at.

consumers award top SCORES TO simpli TV

Overall customer satisfaction with simpliTV is at 1.6, and in customers' perception, simpliTV is a technically stable product which functions flawlessly and apparently lives up to its promises. These are the findings of a survey carried out by the market and opinion research institute INTEGRAL between 27th June and 7th July, 2013, among some 500 simpliTV customers who were interviewed online.